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Clutch Acessories
  • Billet Clutch cover fo a Banshee Offered in an 8 plate version wich will hold up to an 8 plate clutch with a lock-out.  Also offered in a 10 plate verion for our 10 plate clutch system.  If you are tired of  OEM covers breaking from kick backs then this is the solution to your problem.  Price $595.00  
  • This is our 10 plate clutch system.  Comes with everything seen in the picture.  Billet basket, inner hub,  pressure plate, backing plate,  bearing adjuster,  cushions.  This system is recomended for engines in excess of 180hp.  It requires different steel plates Barnett part# KP11-23 or if you want it to be an 11 plate use Barnett part# KP11-16.  This clutch uses the same friction that you would use in a Banshee.  Price $475.00
  • This is the lock-out required for our 10 plate clutch.  Price $140.00
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